Monday, November 24, 2008

Google’s not in the Holiday Mood

Google, known for extravagant holiday parties with attendees in the thousands won’t be having their usual throwdown this year. “Google has decided to scale back its holiday celebrations this year due to a global economic downturn and an ever-expanding workforce that had grown to 20,000 in October,” according to a person familiar with the matter. In previous years, Google holiday parties have included ice sculptures of the company's logo, virtual reality video game stations, karaoke booths, sushi buffets and burlesque dancers.
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Katie4U29 said...

That's too bad for Google. I really would have thought everything is going great for them. More people are using the internet and more people are using Google...It's the only search engine I use. I don't ever even think of other things to use...I just google it

FanceeLook said...

Yea Google is huge now. At least they could throw a party for their employees in these hard economic times.