Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beauty Spending

What’s more important to you…food or beauty? “According to a British e-tailer, one-third of women in the U.K. would prefer to eat less than cut their beauty spending.” With a recession looming, it’s interesting to note that although people deliberately cut back spending on almost everything they tend to not cut back their spending on beauty products and services. I guess that just shows people would rather be poor and beautiful than rich and ugly.
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ToriT said...

amen! I can't live without Night Rainew...I was in the user group and am out. Can't wait for the product to hit the shelves. My skin craves night rainew.

Alyssa said...

Well I wish I could tell you how long you have to wait but I can't...I just called today to try and order it but its still not available...they said it was releasing to the public early in 2009.

AprilRain said...

That is correct...Night Rainew® will be available in select prestige retailers early in 2009. Don't forget you'll always be able to order directly from http://aprilrainskinscience.com