Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop

The world lost a legend with the passing of Michael Jackson. There will never be another entertainer with his skill set and global appeal. He will be missed. Listen to 38 essential Michael Jackson hits on MySpace for free.
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Neck and Decollete

Posted by Marta:
My neck and decollete have been the focus of recent attention - mine, I should hasten to add. After much research, I have been up to my neck in potions and lotions that will make the V-neck sweater zone clear and firm. Favorites so far are April Rain Night Rainew.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pick Up The Phone

What skin care products are you using? If you're looking for products to help you battle wrinkles and fight off the signs of aging…chances are you've already tried a few different skin care lines - probably with varying results. What did you like about them? Did they give you the results you were looking for? Did they give you the results that the company promised?
Help your skin and yourself. If you want to learn more about April Rain Skin Science or skin care in general give us a call - we'll answer the phone (we promise). You'll never be re-routed to a call center, no pressure sales and we'll give you the individual attention that you and your skin deserve. You can always catch us on Twitter too! Don’t be shy @AprilRainSkin
Phone: 1-800-932-9873
Facebook: AprilRainSkinScience

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beauty Experiment: Day Rainew by April Rain Skin Science

At BeautyXposé, we’re always a tad skeptical when we get a product claiming to cure or drastically reduce wrinkles and crevices (we prefer to think of them as the result of time-honored triumphs, thank you). So when we received Day Rainew® by April Rain Skin Science, we paused after reading that independent lab studies found its proprietary collagen-boosting ingredients, HydroPeptide®, reduced fine lines and wrinkles by as much as 63% in just 30 days. As our duty to you, dear readers, we enlisted the help of a FOB (Friend of BeautyXposé) to help us put the product to our own, “independent test.”

April Rain Night Rainew

Posted by Aly Walansky:
For the last few weeks, I’ve been noticing my skin look a lot healthier…and I have a pretty good idea of who to thank for it.
Nightly drinking (and not of the water kind) got my skin super dehydrated, and I had to find a way of quenching that thirst.
April Rain’s Night Rainew is an ultra-hydrating night repair crème that promises to provide long-lasting moisture.
I’ve been using it every night after cleansing, and as I feel my face right now, it feels supple and smooth - exactly how I want it to feel - and it feels that way until I wake up in the morning. Skin that is dried out looks aged - and as I am just hitting 30, I don’t want to look any older than I already am! As it’s become healthier, I am looking younger (if not young, sigh. Night Rainew has HydroPeptides in it, which are 100% organic and said to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It also includes antioxidants Buddleja and Echinacea, also age-defying. Let’s face it, I can use all the help I can get.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hydropeptide Eye Extreme Dark Circle Concentrate

"You may not want to say the name of this product more than once (even without aforementioned medication), but once you try it, you’ll definitely be hooked. It claims to be a "targeted eye treatment to reduce puffiness and instantly lift," and-against all odds!- we actually found that to be true. We also noticed that it reduced dark circles and redness (as claimed), as well as color irregularity, while gently plumping up fine lines.Some of the effects were nearly immediate (the slight plumping, better texture, smoother skin), and some took a few months to see (diminished lines, more perfect skin tone), but we found this to be among our very favorite products in terms of promised effects vs. those actually delivered."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beauty Review. April Rain Skin Science Night Rainew

Posted by: Lauaren Dimet Waters
Anyone who knows me can tell you I am always on the hunt for the ultimate youth elixir in a jar. This is much to my husband's dismay as our home is literally littered with jars of cream. Every once in a while one really proves itself be shared with our readers. The research we do in the name of ageless beauty! Here is a new one I really like...April Rain Skin Science's Night Rainew®. It's a groundbreaking luxury night repair cream that combines cutting-edge science with the most potent, life-giving essences of nature for complete skin renewal (that is clearly their jargon). With 21 hydrating elements, ECOCERT® organic ingredients, and the exclusive HydroPeptide®, Night Rainew® has every element proven by fresh science to deliver on our promise to achieve real results. HydroPeptide® is the age-defying breakthrough behind April Rain. The select blend of powerful age-fighting peptides and neuropeptides found in HydroPeptide® defend against all facets of skin aging and sets a new standard in anti-aging skin care. Containing the highest degree of effective age-defying peptides and intelligent time-released hydration that deeply hydrate cells, plumping them for a more lifted appearance, and relaxing wrinkle-causing facial expressions.
What did I think? Well as soon as I put it on my face, my skin felt super hydrated and soft. When I woke up, my skin was still very hydrated and soft, which means it absorbed into my skin and not my pillow. After about a week I noticed my skin looked much better and dare I say? A little younger! There is also a Day Rainew® which I did not try. Here is a little tidbit...Desperate Housewives creator, Marc Cherry, personally requested the Rainew collection for all the cast when they return mid July for season 6. See if you notice a difference! To learn more about Night Rainew® and to order for $129 visit

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Science of Aging Skin

By: Lydia Sarfati
From the moment a person is born, aging begins. Although you are powerless to the natural process of aging, what is done each day will affect the skin later. The rate at which the skin bears the signs of aging is dependent not only upon chronology and genetics, but also on the environment, a very large factor working against the skin that many tend to overlook during their youth.
Types of Aging:
* Chronological aging
* Environmental aging
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Monday, June 15, 2009

NY Beauty Secrets Examiner

NY Beauty Secrets Examiner: With celebrities like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Rebecca Romijn, Ashlee Simpson, Jamie-Lynn Spears, Minnie Driver, Amy Poehler, Elisabeth Röhm, Tori Spelling, Michelle Monaghan, Alyson Hannigan, Alison Sweeney, Julie Bowen, Kelly Rutherford, Angie Harmon, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, ElinWoods, Nicole Richie, Nicole Sullivan, Constance Marie, Lisa Marie Presley, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Camila Alves using April Rain, I was quick to expect phenomenal results.
Result: I was extremely surprised. It was better than expected! The subject I had use this product sports a complexion that looks 10 years younger! The results are, in fact, immediate. It smoothes line, delivers a subtle lift, and is an excellent moisturizer. Let's just say, my subject is now addicted to April Rain. Be sure not to pass up this great product. You will be be pleased.
To read more about the products or buy some to enjoy for youself or a loved one, you can visit their website at
Stay gorgeous!

Friday, June 12, 2009

IECSC Las Vegas

IECSC Las Vegas, June 13-15, 2009, Las Vegas Convention Center
Challenging times demand creative thinking! And in today's economy, there is only one event that meets that demand... IECSC Las Vegas. Celebrating its 18th year as the largest esthetics, cosmetics and spas how in the world, IECSC Las Vegas is giving you the full treatment!
  • Meet with more than 650 industry-leading skincare, wellness and equipment companies in our exclusive exhibit hall.
  • Attend over 200 FREE Manufacturer Education classes and get an inside scoop on what’s new and exciting.
  • Educate yourself in our expanded conference offering more business-building content, more sessions focused on showing you the latest spa treatments and techniques.

Visit April Rain Skin Science at Booth #1910, Visit for more information

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

REVIEW: April Rain Night Rainew

Posted by: for the love of beauty
HydroPeptide is the age-defying breakthrough behind April Rain skincare. Their select blend of powerful age-fighting peptides and neuropeptides found in HydroPeptide defends against all facets of skin aging and sets a new standard in anti-aging skin care. Containing the highest degree of effective age-defying peptides and intelligent time-released hydration that deeply hydrate cells, plumping them for a more lifted appearance, and relaxing wrinkle-causing facial expressions. Thus is the claim of April Rain Skin Science.
This is a decadently rich, creamy moisturizing treatment that is a dream to apply. With its light, fresh scent and silky feel on skin, it's one of those products that you can't wait to get home to use. It comes packaged in a sweet jar reminiscent of a drop of pure rain water. Upon application, skin is instantly hydrated, fresh and more youthful in appearance. The moisturization continues as you sleep, providing for renewal and rejuvenation of facial skin. You awake to a bright, healthy complextion. Not bad, huh.

Here's what's behind it. The select blend of powerful age-fighting peptides and neuropeptides found in HydroPeptide® defend against all facets of skin aging and sets a new standard in anti-aging skin care. It's patent-pending isolates have been clinically proven to:
Boost CollagenStabilize CollagenProtect CollagenRelax Wrinkle Causing Facial Contractions
Exclusive HydroPeptide® with intelligent time-released hydration contains the highest degree of effective age-defying peptides that deeply hydrate cells, plumping them for a more lifted appearance, and relaxing wrinkle causing facial expressions. The multi-dimensional formula maximizes hydration, rebuilds collagen, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pore size and noticeably firms and lifts skin.

21 hydrating elements impart penetrating, long-lasting moisture for refreshed skin that is healthy and younger-looking. 100% organic Echinacea extract, eco-cultivated in the Swiss Alps, heals damaged skin, prevents collagen breakdown, and retains renewing moisture for improved firmness, elasticity, and lift. 100% organic Buddleja extract, an ancient Chinese skin-healing remedy, neutralizes dangerous free radicals, protects and repairs skin cell DNA that has suffered from environmental stressors, and offers lasting skin renewal and radiance.

Dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD serves as April Rain Skin Science’s Guiding Dermatologist. Dr. Bucay is nationally recognized for her expertise in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation through the combined use of Botox®, injectable dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. Her extensive knowledge in cosmeceutical ingredients, how they function within the skin, and her strong background in chemistry is what led April Rain® to her and makes her such a valuable asset to the team. Here's what Dr. Bucay has to say about Night Rainew, "As a dermatologist with a strong background in chemistry, the Night Rainew formulation makes scientific sense. The combination and quantities of innovative and effective antioxidants and peptides present in this rich and hydrating cream promote the production of collagen and reduce the damage done by free radicals, resulting in a smoother, firmer and more even-toned complexion."

Water. It turns out water, more specifically pure water, is one of the driving forces behind CEO and creator April Zangl's founding of April Rain Skin Science and the whole line of products. It's an interesting story involving her partnering with with Beauty For Pure Water to help bring clean, safe drinking water to less fortunate nations by drilling wells in needy communities among other things. Her other passion and motivation? April wants to create skincare that promotes beauty both inside and out, to create healthier, more advanced, multifaceted products making life easier, results faster and more apparent.

Read more about April Rain Skin Science and take a look at the clinicals behind Night Rainew's gorgeous cream. Night Rainew retails for $129 a jar and is available at their store online.

Friday, June 5, 2009

IECSC Free Product Giveaway

The first 30 people to present this coupon at the Las Vegas International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference - booth 1910 will receive a free HydroPeptide Lash Revitalizer! In a 56 day 34 woman independent consumer evaluation, 8 out of 10 users of HydroPeptide Lash felt their eyelashes looked fuller in just 4 weeks. 92 percent of women said their eyebrows appeared thicker and lusher, and 96 percent said their brows appeared fuller. Just as impressive, 94 percent of participants said their eyelashes appeared to increase in length and 96 percent said their lashes appeared more thick, lush, and full. Visual analog scores (VAS) demonstrated statistically significant increases after 4 weeks (46.05% and 45.68%), 6 weeks (93.42% and 90.12%) and 8 weeks (140.79% and 143.20%) in perceived eyelash/eyebrow thickness.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

April Rain® Showers On Hollywood With The Launch Of Day Rainew®

Posted by Jacqueline Luxe:
Hollywood gets rained on by April Rain's Day Rainew. Stars such as Tori Spelling, Jessica Alba, and Gwen Stefani are all hip to this 'anti-wrinkle' remedy in a bottle.
This super defender Day Rainew by April Rain, is hot amongst the Hollywood stars. Being a sure favorite at the annual GLAAD Media Awards. Stars were being drenched with this sure delight, including Dancing with the Stars Bruno Tonioli, to Star Trek's own Uhuraquoting "She will use it faithfully everyday". And if that isn't enough, April Rain won over the ladies of Wisteria Lane. So enough about Hollywood, what is all the excitement about here?
Well April Rain is formulated like a multivitamin for skin, supplying a recommended daily quota of your 'RDQ's'. Which is the one of the key elements that shield skin from 'wrinkle-causing' free radical attacks. Plus the multifunctional antioxidants and vitamins defend against sun damage and environmental assault while promoting skin cell regeneration. Wow! Sounds like powerful stuff.
How did we like it? Well we tried the April Rain Day Rainew. The bottle and packaging is slightly on the commercial side, but delivers its promise of a 'dermatological' grade product. The product itself offers a lot of moisture, and doesn't leave an oily film behind. If you are looking for a commercial, dermatologist recommended brand, then this is a sure bet.

Monday, June 1, 2009

April Rain Skin Science Day Rainew

Posted by Cosmetiholic:
Last month I reviewed April Rain Skin Science Night Rainew, an amanginly effective anti-aging product that’s become a celebrity hit. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the company’s latest creation, Day Rainew ($95,, which is similar to the night cream but specially formulated to protect skin against UV damage and free radicals. Free radicals— unstable molecules caused by environmental stresses like cigarette smoke and pollution — can cause aging by disrupting the body’s normal functions.April Rain Day Rainew is a hidden treasure. The antioxidants in this moisturizer fool free radicals into thinking their outer electrons are paired – ending their vicious cell-damaging cycle. In others, it works. Wonders, thanks to HydroPeptide®-DR, the product’s highlight ingredient. “HydroPeptide®-DR is a multi-dimensional formula that maximizes hydration, rebuilds collagen, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pore size and noticeably firms and lifts skin,” says April Zangl, Founder of April Rain Skin Science. I’ll have to agree, even if I don’t understand all the scientific stuff. April Rain’s Day Rainew is like a multivitamin for the skin. Invest in both Day and Night Rainew, because together you’ll notice the difference.