Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beauty Review. April Rain Skin Science Night Rainew

Posted by: Lauaren Dimet Waters
Anyone who knows me can tell you I am always on the hunt for the ultimate youth elixir in a jar. This is much to my husband's dismay as our home is literally littered with jars of cream. Every once in a while one really proves itself be shared with our readers. The research we do in the name of ageless beauty! Here is a new one I really like...April Rain Skin Science's Night Rainew®. It's a groundbreaking luxury night repair cream that combines cutting-edge science with the most potent, life-giving essences of nature for complete skin renewal (that is clearly their jargon). With 21 hydrating elements, ECOCERT® organic ingredients, and the exclusive HydroPeptide®, Night Rainew® has every element proven by fresh science to deliver on our promise to achieve real results. HydroPeptide® is the age-defying breakthrough behind April Rain. The select blend of powerful age-fighting peptides and neuropeptides found in HydroPeptide® defend against all facets of skin aging and sets a new standard in anti-aging skin care. Containing the highest degree of effective age-defying peptides and intelligent time-released hydration that deeply hydrate cells, plumping them for a more lifted appearance, and relaxing wrinkle-causing facial expressions.
What did I think? Well as soon as I put it on my face, my skin felt super hydrated and soft. When I woke up, my skin was still very hydrated and soft, which means it absorbed into my skin and not my pillow. After about a week I noticed my skin looked much better and dare I say? A little younger! There is also a Day Rainew® which I did not try. Here is a little tidbit...Desperate Housewives creator, Marc Cherry, personally requested the Rainew collection for all the cast when they return mid July for season 6. See if you notice a difference! To learn more about Night Rainew® and to order for $129 visit

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