Wednesday, June 3, 2009

April Rain® Showers On Hollywood With The Launch Of Day Rainew®

Posted by Jacqueline Luxe:
Hollywood gets rained on by April Rain's Day Rainew. Stars such as Tori Spelling, Jessica Alba, and Gwen Stefani are all hip to this 'anti-wrinkle' remedy in a bottle.
This super defender Day Rainew by April Rain, is hot amongst the Hollywood stars. Being a sure favorite at the annual GLAAD Media Awards. Stars were being drenched with this sure delight, including Dancing with the Stars Bruno Tonioli, to Star Trek's own Uhuraquoting "She will use it faithfully everyday". And if that isn't enough, April Rain won over the ladies of Wisteria Lane. So enough about Hollywood, what is all the excitement about here?
Well April Rain is formulated like a multivitamin for skin, supplying a recommended daily quota of your 'RDQ's'. Which is the one of the key elements that shield skin from 'wrinkle-causing' free radical attacks. Plus the multifunctional antioxidants and vitamins defend against sun damage and environmental assault while promoting skin cell regeneration. Wow! Sounds like powerful stuff.
How did we like it? Well we tried the April Rain Day Rainew. The bottle and packaging is slightly on the commercial side, but delivers its promise of a 'dermatological' grade product. The product itself offers a lot of moisture, and doesn't leave an oily film behind. If you are looking for a commercial, dermatologist recommended brand, then this is a sure bet.

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