Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reader Reviewed and Recommended: April Rain Day Rainew

Reviewed by Elsa
I was lucky enough to be sent a full size jar of April Rain Day Rainew ($95) moisturizer to test– very exciting stuff!
I love the idea that the founder of this company is helping to bring clean drinking water to Kenyan children in Africa. I also love the ingredients because I believe that you should not use on your skin that which you cannot put in your mouth. The jar it comes in is shaped like a drop of water but it does not appear to be recyclable.
I really like and recommend this moisturizer because it penetrates my skin and does not sit on top of it, leaving an oily film. I am 44 and my skin is prone to breakout and it tends to be on the oily side. When I apply April Rain, I first spray my skin with my toner and then I apply a pea sized amount to moist skin. There is a definite sensation of warming/tingling as though my skin cells are sitting up and taking notice. There is no greasy layer on my skin after I have applied it and I totally love this. My skin stays matt all day long. There has also been an increase in the plumpness of my skin. The only way I can describe this is that it looks as though the top layer of skin is lying flat and smooth.
The million dollar question though is did it erase the wrinkles……….hard to say. I think there has been a slight improvement but that is totally subjective. I have no before and after pictures. It is possible that with prolonged use it will drastically reduce wrinkles, I don’t know. I think that this moisturizer is a perfect match to my skin and I will definitely buy another jar when I finish the one I am testing.
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