Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmothers

It doesn’t matter if she knows you chose it, wrapped it and signed the card or if the $1.47 your child saved only bought a quarter of a sleeve of that bathrobe - a gift for grandma is always greeted as the most wonderful present imaginable. Yes, you can give her moisturizer as a present, as long as it’s special and something she’d never get for herself. Night Rainew from April Rain Skin Science has 21 different elements including echinacea extract, wheat and soy protein and hydropeptide to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. It’s 100% organic, non-irritating and not tested on animals. It comes in a unique and very giftable jar. Yes, it’s $129, but she deserves it and she will notice the difference.

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