Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why Does My Skin Need To Stay Hydrated?

Your skin is always thirsty. When your skin is dehydrated it appears dry, brittle and can crack. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated makes your skin soft and supple. According to, to determine whether your skin is dry simply “lay your finger just above your jaw line, extending it toward the chin. Then gently glide your fingers upward toward the cheekbone. If you notice any sort of creepiness to your skin texture as you work your finger up your face, your skin is parched.”

Additionally, it is important to keep your skin hydrated at night. April Rain®’s ultra-hydrating, age-defying, night repair cream Night Rainew® provides long-lasting moisture with groundbreaking and intelligent, time-released hydration. It’s the only nighttime cream clinically proven to restore, protect and continually supply renewing hydration to skin exactly where and when skin craves it.

When do you feel your skin is dry? What products are you using to keep your skin hydrated?


Marina said...

As the seasons change, my skin would always seem to dry out. It would look so flaky and more wrinkly. I participated in the april rain study and was one of the first to try night rainew. I have to say I fell in love and am still loving the cream. It's so moisturizing. It's not oily or heavy. It feels and smells amazing. It lasts forever. And most importantly, my skin looks awesome. I get so many comments now then I was 4 months ago.

DrySkinDiva said...

My skin is always dry! I've tried everything but after a couple hours my skin is dry again...Is there something wrong with me?

KatH said...

But what if my skin is tooo oily. I don't need more hydration. Will it cause me to break out?