Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spend Your Money Where It Matters

Experts agree that the most important part of your skin care regiment is your night treatment cream. According to TODAY powered by, “If you have a limited budget, your splurging should be done on your treatment cream. What do you get for your money? More sophisticated research and development, and a higher quality and concentration of active ingredients.” Read full article

This is the case with Night Rainew® by April Rain Skin Science®. Every ingredient has been individually researched and tested to provide the best long-lasting hydration and anti-aging results. With the science of April Rain® it is easy to see why 9 out of 10 women saw their fine lines and wrinkles diminish after only 35 days.

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Karen said...

You have to use not just any old night cream. It has to be a good one. Why waste your time and risk your skin's health by putting junk on your skin? You need night rainew. I NEED night rainew. I was in the april rain test group and am all out!!! I need more. My skin's addicted.