Monday, November 30, 2009

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

The holidays are a time to share with family and can provide you with many lasting memories. However, if you're not careful shoveling cookies and pie in your mouth before ringing in the New Year can have a lasting impact on your waistline. Here are 5 easy tips to stay fit and avoid the holiday bulge:
Keep exercising! Just because it's cold outside and there are presents under the tree doesn't mean it's time to skip the gym. Even if you decide to pass on hitting the gym, take a walk around the block to burn some of those extra calories you're consuming.

Portion control! Avoid loading up your plate before even taking a bite. It's true - your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Eat a little and then decide if you want to venture back for seconds.

Don't think about food! We know this is impossible, but studies have shown if you think about the act of eating you will actually eat more. Keep your mind on holiday cheer and not on holiday treats.

Eat throughout the day! This may seem ridiculous, but it's widely accepted that eating more smaller meals is better for your metabolism than a few large ones.

Watch what you drink! It's easy to rack up a few 1,000 calories while you indulge in seasonal decadent drinks. One serving of the average eggnog will set you back roughly 350 calories and nearly 20 grams of fat.

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