Friday, October 16, 2009

Rauscher Bekke: Con Artist?

Is this company one big con artist? Rauscher Bekke, the company behind Dermapril, Dazzle White and Res-V-Life, is not looking out for consumers. The company publishes false claims about brands including: HydroPeptide, Olay Regenerist, ReVive, Thermage, HTY Gold, Resurgence, Lift-SP , Hydrolyze and Evolence. It is ridiculous. It will be interesting to see if they are contacted by the FDA under the new guidelines. We don't need to say anything else because the public is already fighting back:
  • "I was scammed"
  • "This company is a fraud"
  • "They took money out of my account"
  • "The better business bureau will hear about this"
  • "There is no such website as I repeatedly get an error message that there is no website at this address. And, this is the address to which we are directed if we wish to cancel after our risk-free trial. So, I have to ask - Is this intentional. Makes it pretty hard to cancel."

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